How to watch The Mating Game | BBC Wildlife Magazine

How to watch The Mating Game | BBC Wildlife Magazine

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When is The Mating Game on TV?

The Mating Game will be airing from early October, with the first episode airing at 8pm on Sunday 3 October on BBC One. There will be five episodes in total.

Watch the trailer for The Mating Game:

What is The Mating Game about?

This series explores how species tackle nature’s ultimate quest – the pursuit for a partner. We meet some familiar faces of natural history documentaries but with new and thrilling footage, from singing humpback whales in Hawaii to chimpanzees in Uganda. But there are some less well-known species featured too.

Produced by the renowned Silverback Films company, which has previously A Perfect Planet for the BBC and Our Planet and Dancing with Birds for Netflix, this is an enthralling glimpse into the variety of mating wildlife spectacles on our beautiful planet.

Who will be narrating/presenting The Mating Game?

Sir David Attenborough looking straight into the camera, wearing a navy suit (but no tie and top shirt button undone)

Sir David Attenborough at the opening of Woodberry Wetlands in London, in 2016. © Danny Martindale/WireImage/Getty

Like many of the BBC’s big natural history series, The Mating Game is presented by the celebrated broadcaster and conservationists Sir David Attenborough.

More programmes presented by Sir David Attenborough: 

Which species feature in The Mating Game?

The Mating Game includes a wide range of animal species around the world, including bullfrogs, pheasants, zebras, humpback whales, kangaroos, monarch butterflies and termites.

A pair of albatrosses are silhouetted against an orange sky, pointing their beaks upwards together.

A pair of Laysan albatross engaged in courtship dance. © Simon Nash/Silverback Films/BBC

A pile of three bullfrogs (female presumably at the bottom) in a pool of muddy water.

Multiple bullfrog males attempting to mate with a female in temporary pools formed by sudden heavy rain in South Africa. © Temujin Johnson/Silverback Films/BBC

A speckled brown pheasant with a tuft of small feathers on the back of its head standing in a clearing in a jungle.

A male Argus pheasant waits for a female to arrive at his meticulously prepared court in the jungles of Western Borneo. © Wayhu Susanto/Silverback Films/BBC

Main image: Flamingos. © Getty

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